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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is the FOP Thinking?

The current FOP has asked Edwin Benn to monitor the upcoming FOP elections. This is the same person that decided AGAINST the CPD in the recent contract arbitration process.

When asked "Why?" at a recent FOP election committee meeting, the answer from the committee was "Because he was available."

We question the judgement of the FOP on this issue and wonder why they are rewarding him with a job - one that according to his resume posted on the National Mediation Board's website pays $1,300 per day. 


  1. It's painfully obvious what the FOP is thinking. They're thinking about how they just got called-out for trying to pull the wool over the collective eyes of Team Shields. They're probably also thinking about retaining counsel to represent them when the shit hits the fan. That "shit" being willing & compensated participants in a decade-plus long fleecing of their own membership for their own personal financial gain.

    I mean...really??? NO ONE is dumb enough to try and pass off the FOP/Benn/City of Chicago affiliation as "coincidence". But then again, I have been surprised before. This relationship needs to be exposed...front page news to show how deep the corruption runs in this city. Bella & the entire crew MUST be shown the door before our very future and livelihoods come to a screeching halt. We simply CAN'T have another 3 years (let alone 3 minutes) with this regime at the helm.

    Keep up the good fight, fellas.

  2. what you actually think there is a problem?? Thats the problem the current guys are OUT OF TOUCH!!!!!!!

  3. You think thats bad? The FOP is already in bed with Benn (Daley's shill) and here is the proof:
    Following his decision on our contract, Arbitrator Benn is now also paid to handle P.O.'s grievance arbitration hearings. Paid VERY well with your hard-earned dollars for this service as he decides the fate of an Officer's grievance. The arbitrator for these hearings is chosen with the FOP's input. Was this sweet gig Benn's reward for siding with the city against the rank and file in our contract and if so, why is the current FOP aiding and abetting? Take a guess why. All part of the plan. Everyone gets paid! Except you, officer... you do the paying.

  4. Why is Tom Pleines, the in-house attorney for the FOP involved in overseeing the election? The FOP signs his paycheck. How can we trust Pleines to be impartial? I call it a conflict of interest on the part of Pleines, who is not the brightest candle on the cake. Pleines needs to go.